Tile Asterix from Villeroy & Boch

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Tile Asterix from Villeroy & Boch

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16. März 2017 23:51


at my online shop www.bordueren24.de I sell the border and decor tile from Villeroy & Boch Asterix.

You can buy:
the 6 er decorpicture 40/60 cm JT28
the 4 different decortile 20/20 cm JT24, JT25, JT26, JT27,
the border 6,5/20 cm JT34

and from the series Asterix e Mare
the 3 different decortile 20/20 cm JT01, JT02, JT03.
the border 6,5/20 cm JT05, JT06, JT07

Villeroy & Boch do not more produce the Asterix tile, the offer is available how the the quantity of the goods is reach.

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