Dear Asterix-Fan!

I am very sorry, but these pages are not available in English. The translators did not translate Asterix literally, they used phrases and allegories specific for their countries.

It starts with different names. Asterix and Obelix are still Asterix and Obelix, but that is all. The chief Vitalstatistix is called Majestix in German and Unhygienix is called Verleihnix (which means: I do not lend anything!). The quotations differ also. A quotation in German which originates from Goethe turns into one of Lord Byron in the UK. That means, most of the statistics and lists on these pages are of no use to Asterix-fans in Wales, New Zealand, Paraguay or wherever.

For further information about Asterix in English look for the Asterix forum. This forum lives from your participation, and the administrators hope that they can soon welcome many of you here to discuss our favourite comic Asterix! For further information about the German books please write a message in our pinboard (with a seperate english and dutch section) or write a mail to the webmaster of

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