what im after!!!

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what im after!!!

Beitrag: # 195Beitrag germ_aka_Jermayn
18. August 2003 11:33

My list that i am after:
Just email me on germ17@hotmail.com

Latest Asterix move (Cleopatra) in english!! Both versions!!! (Real Life and animation)

Asterix the gaul animation movie!!!

Asterix agaisnt all odds game book!!

Asterix conqueres America Movie Book

The Asterix Annual

First Asterix Frieze

Find Asterix

How Obelix fell in magic Potion book

Cook with Asterix

Address Book

Any help will be great. It doesnt really matter what condition they are in

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Re: what im after!!!

Beitrag: # 196Beitrag Sellix
18. August 2003 13:08

Buying the movies seems to be hard for the English text.
See: http://www.blackstar.co.uk/circle/search?words=asterix

Best change to buy books is at www.ebay.com

100+ Asterix translations at: http://www.asterix-obelix.nl/manylanguages


Re: what im after!!!

Beitrag: # 197Beitrag germ_aka_Jermayn
19. August 2003 10:40

Thanks for that!!!

I searched for those movies on that site and they didnt hav eany that i am after!!

Thanks any way!!!

I will search a bit better for those others on ebay!!!

Thanks again


Re: what im after!!!

Beitrag: # 198Beitrag duncan
6. Januar 2004 16:43

i have how obelix fell into the magic potion  :D


Re: what im after!!!

Beitrag: # 199Beitrag 1010
12. Juni 2004 10:29

I have been searching eBay for the Dogmatix books and one or two others to complete my set and have noticed many of your objects of desire for sale. I am sure you will find them on closer scrutiny. Good luck.


Re: what im after!!!

Beitrag: # 200Beitrag 1010
13. Juni 2004 11:43

Hi, I was skimming through eBay and found some items for you to look at. Try #6904034686 or #6903486618 for cooking with Asterix and item # 2249351480 for How Obelix fell. Cheers.


Re: what im after!!!

Beitrag: # 201Beitrag germ_aka_Jermayn
14. Juni 2004 02:42

Thanks mate!!!

Probably wont be able to buy them as my finances has hit rock bottom due to my current studies at Univeristy!!!

BUT when/ if i get some more money, ill b eback looking to fill in my holes!!!

Also as i live in Australia, payments and delievery is limited as i can only pay Paypal for overseas sellers and alot still dont have paypal facilities!!!