need asterix pdf

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need asterix pdf

Beitrag: # 231Beitrag danmicu
4. Februar 2005 16:35

Hello everyone. My name is Dan and i'm from Romania.
I have encountered a problem trying to buy asterix on the net. Each time they were telling me that i cannot get asterix comics delivered in my country :-[ .
A friend of mine told me that i can download comics from the internet pdf or jpeg files but i have no ideea where from.
I must specify that there are no romanian asterix comics dvd's or anything related in Romania. Nice isn't it?!
My request is. Can somebody give me an adress where i can get al list some asterix scans so i can read? No matter the language as long as it is english , french , german or italian .
I thank you verry much.

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Re: need asterix pdf

Beitrag: # 232Beitrag Christian
4. Februar 2005 16:39

danmicu hat geschrieben:I must specify that there are no romanian asterix comics [...] in Romania.
Well, not quite right. Some titles used to be publshed by Egmont Romania: ... nian.shtml


Re: need asterix pdf

Beitrag: # 233Beitrag danmicu
4. Februar 2005 16:45

Yes but there aren't anymore on sale.
If you know so much could you answer my question and not corect it. We are not in class you know.

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Re: need asterix pdf

Beitrag: # 234Beitrag Erik
4. Februar 2005 17:15

Hello danmicu,

I don't think you can get much Asterix-volumes in the internet. I only know this page:

Here are some Asterix-storys in polish language. But at the bottom of this page, you'll find 2 short-storys in english and one short-story in german. Not much, but perhaps better than nothing...

But if you are able to read comics in german or french, it should be possible to buy them at eBay. Many sellers declare, that they'll ship the articles worldwide or at least europe-wide. So, it's hard to believe that Romania shall be that complicated.  

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Re: need asterix pdf

Beitrag: # 235Beitrag Sukisuix
4. Februar 2005 19:26

Hello Dan
There is a company in America has 3 Romanian books, ASTERIX BATALIA DINTRE SEFI (The Big Fight), ASTERIX SI COSOROL DE AUR (The Golden Sickle), ASTERIX SI GOTII (The Goths). They also will send to Romania, though it might be expensive.  I have had books sent to me in the UK by them and was very pleased, they will contact you by phone or email if there is a problem.  And they do seem to reduce their prices a few times a year.  Have a look at schoenhofs


Re: need asterix pdf

Beitrag: # 236Beitrag danmicu
5. Februar 2005 08:54

I know it sounds strange but i allready tried e-bay , amazon etc. and they all don't deliver outside the european union(romania won't get in there until 2007).
Still the polish comics looked quite well although i didn't understand much(its the fine gesture that matters so thanks).
I also tried the other site but i stopped at the price of one comic about 25 $ + shipment taxes taking into consideration that the average pay check in Romania is about 85 $ a month. No i am not kidding! This is probably one of the reasons why we don't have expensive comics(with expensive license).
But thanx anyway and if someone has any other ideeas or stumbles onto smth. please notify me too.


Re: need asterix pdf

Beitrag: # 237Beitrag Anton
5. Februar 2005 10:36

If you really want to buy them, I can buy them for you and send them to your address if you like.

I doný know if this is the cheapest way to get them, but it can work. Perhaps you know some one who is going on a holiday to one of the countries, and you can let them buy the books.