Rare Asterix books

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Rare Asterix books

Beitrag: # 10439Beitrag SingingGandalf
7. April 2006 21:30

Im quite new here and am a Tintin collector and fan, but would like to know more about Asterix collectable books. Can anyone tell me which books are rare and collectable. Is 'How Obelix fell into the magic potion' rare? Many thanks


Beitrag: # 10446Beitrag Sukisuix
7. April 2006 23:58

What I can tell you is that, "How Obelix fell into the magic potion" is out of print. And some Asterix collectors would be interested in it, but not all, as it is not one of the 33 comic books. I have seen this book for sale on Ebay, but only sold for a few pounds sterling. Also have seen it for sale on Amazon.co.uk traders section, for £80.63 I do not know who will pay that price when you can get it cheaper somewhere else.

It is hard to say which English books are collectable, as there have been so many printed over the years. Since Asterix was first published in Britain, there have been 6 different publishers. I suppose the collectable ones would be clean first editions. :legion:However to me just to have all 33 books, is a collection worth having.:legion:

A good website for you to check out is Asterix around the World you will see the complete list of comic books and be able to see which ones are printed in which languages, plus other information.


Beitrag: # 10450Beitrag SingingGandalf
8. April 2006 10:50

I also mean books like 'find Asterix', a sort of 'Where's wally'.


Beitrag: # 10451Beitrag Sukisuix
8. April 2006 11:19

I have seen this as well, but it has only sold for a couple of pounds. The Poster Book also struggles to sell. The Complete Guide to Asterix has sold for anything up to £100 GBP. These 3 books are out of print. Probably the hardest to get hold of is the Complete Guide


Beitrag: # 10453Beitrag invisifan
8. April 2006 15:25

There is also the question of which language the item is in - English editions being translations are not worth as much as "collectibles", nor is Asterix as popular in English as (for example) German or Dutch, so there isn't as much demand and hence a lower price.


Beitrag: # 10455Beitrag SingingGandalf
8. April 2006 16:39

Well for Tintin, there is countless rare books, - tintin's moon adventure painting book, the Tintin live action film books, tintin parodies, some of which reach over £150. I'm suprised it isn't the same for Asterix!

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Re: Rare Asterix books

Beitrag: # 10464Beitrag Erik
8. April 2006 17:00

Hello SingingGandalf,

well, in French at least there are such books. For example some exclusive commercial-albums, like these:

Some of them were sold for more than 200 € on eBay.fr. But this are real rare objects. Unfortunately I don't own many of them... :sad:

It exists also a "making of" book for Obelix all at sea, which was sold at eBay.fr for 599 € a month ago. The reason is, that there were only made 520 copys from it.

The Pop-Hop books "Asterix et Cleopatre" and "Asterix aux Jeux Olympics" from the 1970s are - in complete condition - hard to find and very expensive, too.

I could easily continue this list, but I think, you see, that in France at least there are much older Asterix-publications, which are quite worthy as well.

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Beitrag: # 10477Beitrag SingingGandalf
9. April 2006 11:36

I found loads of stuff on tintin.nz, about collectable books. Really good site.