Caesar  confused by American editions?

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Caesar  confused by American editions?

Beitrag: #Beitrag invisifan
13. Januar 2006 14:19

I was just noticing in Asterix in Spain (story page 4) when he decides to send Pepe to Gaul, Caesar mentions the Roman camp of "Delirium" and is corrected to "Totorum" ...  but in the American edition Delirium is one of those camps ... coincidence?  Spain of course has no American edition so we can only speculate ::)


Re: Caesar  confused by American editions?

Beitrag: #Beitrag Ben
2. Februar 2006 06:13

Im was just thinking about the good comic books I used to read when I was a child.Asterix and Obelix  with Herge's Tintin were my favourites.I came to the US two years ago and have been searching  for does comic books to buy.Does anyone know where I could find anY?

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Re: Caesar  confused by American editions?

Beitrag: #Beitrag Jochgem
2. Februar 2006 08:00

Ben hat geschrieben:Does anyone know where I could find anY?
When I was in the USA a few years ago, I bought a few in University bookstores and also in a shop of one of those large chains. [is that English?] This was the east coast. I did not look in the comic shows. Otherwise you can buy them online, like at

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