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Received my signed copy of Falling Sky yesterday too. :cervisia:

Many thanks to Albert Uderzo and to Les Editions Albert Rene for this kind gesture.

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Re: Code "Say 33" reward

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I've got my copy too. Has anyone got an original drawing?

Greetings, Lupus

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Titel: : Code "Say 33" reward

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today I opened the parcel with the album. The signature is "pour Erik, bien amicalement, Uderzo". There isn't any drawing. But this is much more than I dared to hope. - And it is in every case much more than the solution of a few childish riddles is worth. Especially because we solved the riddles to get a look at the first pics from album # 33, not for a present like this one.

It's really, really great! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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