The best way to read 'Asterix'.

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Re: The best way to read 'Asterix'.

Beitrag: # 5949Beitrag Sukisuix
25. März 2006 17:49

Erik hat geschrieben:The title is "The Twelve Tasks of Asterix". There also is a comic-version of this movie, but I don't know, whether this was published in english as well. The comic-version was not drawn by Albert Uderzo himself anyway, but as far as I know by his brother Marcel Uderzo.
It was published in English in "Asterix Annual 1990"


Re: The best way to read 'Asterix'.

Beitrag: # 5950Beitrag Janika
30. März 2006 20:28

Thank you ;) this is absolutely detailed!! thaaaaaaanks :D