Plaatje Ronde van Gallië?

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Plaatje Ronde van Gallië?

Beitrag: # 60583Beitrag Marnix
10. Mai 2019 19:20

Ik zag in de poll van Asterix’ Facebookpagina een plaatje dat uit De Ronde van Gallië leek te komen, maar toen ik goed keek zag ik dat het een recente remake was. Weet iemand waarom die tekening is hertekend? En door wie?

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Re: Plaatje Ronde van Gallië?

Beitrag: # 60584Beitrag Christian
11. Mai 2019 13:45

Marnix, an interesting observation. I checked with a recently newly published editon of Tour de Gaule and it has the original drawing (with new colouring), so I assume the panel was not redrawn for the book (luckily). In the end both the original and this one are very close. So why this remake? Anyone any idea?


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Re: Plaatje Ronde van Gallië?

Beitrag: # 60585Beitrag WeissNix
11. Mai 2019 14:45

Christian hat geschrieben:
11. Mai 2019 13:45
So why this remake? Anyone any idea?
Nowadays the rasterized "oldschool"-colouring appears like "bad quality", especially to younger people (grewing up with HD-TV and the other modern techniques). In case of quality consequential, but imho the newer version lost its charm.

BTW, the woman with the towel over her face isn't shown in the older version, right? Also the background is different. So it seems to me like a revised drawing (as Marnix supposed)...

EDIT: Maybe Facebook's "terms & conditions" is the real reason, because FB grab all the rights for using all the uploaded content for its own marketing work. So the publishers use different drawings as the originals by Uderzo on facebook.
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