Asterix and the Big Fight: American version

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Asterix and the Big Fight: American version

Beitrag: # 12112Beitrag Wussycat
5. August 2006 23:32

What were those people at Optimum thinking when they decided to put the American version in the DVD box set?!

The American voices are awful! I have the British version on video, and the voices in that version are far superior!

The American version also has a narrator to dumb the story down!
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Beitrag: # 12204Beitrag finealeix
7. August 2006 10:21

Hi everybody,
Have wathched several of the british film's and think they are all brilliant :wuff: especially Asterix in britain. Big Fight is not one of my favourites, but Asterix & Cleopatra is a good laugh, especially the egyption spy! :lol: . Does anyone know how many were made & where to get hold of copies?


Beitrag: # 12402Beitrag Washu
15. August 2006 03:07

I have the dvd boxset and I am yet to watch the Big Fight again. I do remember Cocafonix singing in it. Which I am keen to see again :grin: