Vote for Huntingseassen

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Vote for Huntingseassen

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On the Asterix site they every year hold a voting game to determine the most popular Person from the books. In each round of the tournament one chooses between two contestants, and the winner moves to the next level, just like Wimbledon one could say.
The outcome every year is not much of a surprise, Asterix and Obelix seem to be very popular.

Today I want to invite you to the vote. Choose for the lovely Danish Dog Huntingseassen in the match with Impedimenta! Sorry for the Chief's wife, but she already had a good position last year.

Only today! Vote for Huntingseassen (Møpsen is his German name)! Woof!
You can make a difference, as only about 40 people participate each round.
So today make your vote count. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for your help, but we lost by a small margin:
Impedimenta 26 -- 23 Huntingseassen
Hendrik Jan

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