Exchange / For sale: Asterix in Basque (Euskara)

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Exchange / For sale: Asterix in Basque (Euskara)

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Hello everyone,

I have four Asterix books (hardcover) in Basque language that I have twice.

These are the titles:

Asterix en semea (Nr. 27 - Le fils d'Asterix) by junior S.A. argitarapenak grijalbo argital-taldea
Zesarren oparia (Nr. 21 - Le cadeau de Cesar) by grijalbo-dargaud
Arrosa eta ezpata (Nr. 29 - La rose et le glaive) by junior S.A. argitarapenak grijalbo argital-taldea
Asterix korsikan (Nr. 20 - Asterix en corse) by grijalbo-dargaud

The covers look like the ones listed at under Publisher: Elkar / Grijalbo-Dargaud, so I guess it is this edition. They seem to be first editions, since the year printed inside the books is the same year as that listed on the above page (except for "en semea", which is listed there as 1988, but my edition is 1983).

The condition of the books varies. On a scale from 1 to 6 with 1 being "mint or near mint", 2 being "used, but good", 3 being "used and not that good anymore", 4 being "still collectable", 5 being "oh come on, let's not throw away an Asterix" and 6 being "garbage", I would give a 3-4 to the first 3 in my list, and a 2-3 to "Korsikan". Of course, every evaluation is subjective, so please contact me for details if you are interested.

I will sell them in any combination (you can ask for one, two, three or all four), or I will trade them for other languages depending on what you can offer me. I am open for any suggestions you have (for instance, I might even give you all four books for only one you have to offer - depending on the offer, of course), so just get in contact with me.

You may write me on here, or send me an e-mail at

I sit in Germany, but I will send them to any destination worldwide.

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Other language? I might still understand it! Try me! :)