Song from the New Asterix Movie

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Re: Song from the New Asterix Movie

Beitrag: #Beitrag geopolitix
9. Februar 2006 21:28

A mistake : it's Plastic Bertrand.

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Re: Song from the New Asterix Movie

Beitrag: #Beitrag Erik
11. Februar 2006 15:15


this song's original title is "Asterix est là !" You find the lyric here:

If you are searching for the song itself you will have to buy the CD "Astérix au cinéma". You can get this at ... 66-1109852

Or you look at, if you live in the USA: ... oding=UTF8

You can also buy it at (with worldwide shipping): ... dZViewItem

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Re: Song from the New Asterix Movie

Beitrag: #Beitrag Sofie
25. Februar 2006 08:08

I'm going to hear the song again today, as I'm going to watch the Movie this afternoon!! There is an animafestival in Brussels, not so far from where I live, and I decided I couldn't wait for the official launch date anymore. I'm dragging my dad along for driving (It's a big town, Brussels) and my boyfriend for moral support. It feels like Christmas is coming very early this year! Of course I'll let everyone know what I think of the movie, without putting in to much spoilers.
:D :D :D 8) 'happy!!!'


Re: Song from the New Asterix Movie

Beitrag: #Beitrag Maik
25. Februar 2006 10:59

Good for you  :D

Sow tell us [as far it's spioler-free] :

- Was it Good ?
- Was it better then the previues Asterix movies?
- Did the new ideas [like Asterix trip to Vikings land], character and humor were in the spirit of the orginal comic books?
- Were the Heroes in character?
- Did they did some sort of a Musical number ? [It's just me...  ;D I grow up on Disney movies and Im a musical fan, as far they good... Unlike the one from "Asterix in America"]


Re: Song from the New Asterix Movie

Beitrag: #Beitrag Sofie
25. Februar 2006 17:04

Hey everyone,

First of all, yes I thought it was good!
To say if it was better as the previous movies, I have to say that there were certainly more 'adult' jokes, and the jokes were also more up to date than those in the previous movies (which is logical since they were made way back). It also shows in the backgrounds, but I found it a little strange to see 2dimensional figures in an 3D background. I still think there is something strange about seeing them move, but perhaps that's just because I'm used to them in albums. the voices were very good too, though I heard them in French, so I hope they will be ok in English. Some of the dialogues were very funny though,and I have already picked a scene as my favourite one :).
To say if they were in the same spirit, the new ideas, yes I think they were, though Abba, is perhaps not an Uderzo character in acting all the time. she didn't stand out as being very different from the others though, and of course, Uderzo and Goscinny never had a heroïne in their albums (apart from perhaps Cleopatra and Bravura, but she was not very classical). I have to say that Justforkix is really the star of the movie, which was maybe to be expected. His interaction with obelix was really brilliant (my personal opinion) and Obelix was quite in character. He is is usual self, and in a way, more tactful and comprehending than Asterix, who is focussing more on his assignment to first train Goudurix and afterwards rescue him, than on anything else. which is of course very like him. I missed some of the interaction between Obelix and Asterix, though they do have their moments of bickering. At moments Asterix seemed to me even a bit jealous.
And I can please you with the musical parts, I thought they were brilliant, though there weren't many. I won't tell you which songs were in it, Asterix and Obelix aren't going to sing themselves, but some others will ;).
That's all I can say for now, without spoiling to much.
I really enjoyed and I'm certainly going to watch it again when it comes out in theater!!!
xxx fieke


Re: Song from the New Asterix Movie

Beitrag: #Beitrag Maik
25. Februar 2006 19:21

Thank's for the report Sofie!  :D

Sound's like one good Asterix movie!
I will have to whait to May to see it come out in Poland [Polish dubbing is usualy good in the cartoons sow I expect much...]
Asterix and Obelix aren't going to sing themselves,
Thank God...  ;)