New Asterix Short Story -- "Lire avec Obelix"

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Hello Maik,
Maik hat geschrieben:I compared but the desaing of the character got difrent (not to mention the colors) so I got confused was he ment to be the same guy...
your are right, his cloak's colour changed from red to blue. But the rest of him - especially his face and postal bag - looks quite similar. And above all, Obelix addresses him as the same person with the same name.

So, no reason to be confused any more. :wink:

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Re: New Asterix Short Story -- "Lire avec Obelix"

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Well, I eventually got around to doing a full art/text translation of this for myself ... if it's included in the new album it will be interesting to see how it measures up. I won't post it publicly, but if anyone wants to see it message me here or mail me at gmail (same name).

Re: New Asterix Short Story -- "Lire avec Obelix"

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Ow, I would be very interested in seeing this :)