Character Grossebaf

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Character Grossebaf

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Who was this character - Grossebaf and which book did he appear in?
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Re: Character Grossebaf

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Hello anon,
anon hat geschrieben:Who was this character - Grossebaf and which book did he appear in?
Olaf Grossebaf is the french name for Olaf Timandahaf. He is the chief of the Normans in Asterix and the Normans. He also appears in the 8th Asterix cartoon movie "Asterix and the vikings".

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Re: Character Grossebaf

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Erik is right, of course.

Just as an addition, the official site has a 'fiche' on this character. Unfortunately it has not yet been translated into English. One can have a look at a picture, or see some international variants of his name.

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Re: Character Grossebaf

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Grosse baffe = big slap (on the face)

And Happy New Year to all Astérix fans !