Mysterious Asterix-like cartoon movie

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Mysterious Asterix-like cartoon movie

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at eBay I found recently some auctions, where these 6 production cels from an Asterix-like cartoon movie were offered. I asked the seller, whether it would be o.k. for him to post this images here. And he agreed.

The seller was from London, so I guess it might be a British film production. That's why I would like to ask you, if anyone in here knows more about this issue. :?: It is obvious, that it is not an official Asterix-production, but it might be some imitation or parody of Asterix. It is interesting that we find scenes from several different Asterix albums here: Switzerland, Banket, Cleopatra and Mansion of Gods. So probably it is kind of an episodic film.

Does anyone know its title or has seen a film like this anywhere before?

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Re: Mysterious Asterix-like cartoon movie

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Very, very odd. Look like some sort of a Bible movie (especialy Getafix stands next to what looks like Noahs ark).

I woudn't be supprise If somebody simply copy art from Asterix to save money on characters desings (ironic since one of comandments in the Bible is about not stealing things) Many cheap productions do it all the time - animated movies, video games and even comic books.

Heck! There was a Polish magizne named "O.K." which would directly copy art work from Asterix many times, just alter imagies a bit in a similar fashion. I woudn't be supprise if they didn't got sued at one point...