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Sylvie Uderzo

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At the end of last year Silvie, daughter of Albert Uderzo, started her own blog . She presents herself as the sister of Asterix and Oumpahpah. In the past there have been family quarrels, but according to what I understand she is very well aware of the "DNA" that connectcts her and Asterix. With this blog she wants to let us know her point of view. Alas! My French is feeble, and certainly not good enough for complicated stories like this.

Still I wanted to share the blog with you, now that I learned that Silvie has aquired the full collection of Asterix objects of Marc Jallon. Marc is famous for his collection, and published a book on it with magnificent photo's of rare items. The contents of the collection will be presented on the blog, as well of short video fragments of a large interview with Marc by Silvie.

In French.
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