What was the biggest Asterix book available called?

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What was the biggest Asterix book available called?

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Ok, years ago I had an Asterix book, which had almost EVERY adventure within the book, it was huge and I loved it, until one day it strangely went missing ... which has always been a mystery to me ever since.

I've tried to look the book up online and on Ebay but never found it, I can't really remember what the book was called exactly to search for it too, though I do know it had a white background on the cover, so was wondering if anyone else here had any idea's in regards to what this book may have been titled exactly?

Chances are, the book will be ridiculous prices too on things such as Ebay, but at least if I can search it and find the book, I'll have an idea.

I've searched omnibus and everything, but the only results I get are the books with around 6 adventures in it, this literally had loads and I've missed it for years.

Any idea's please? I thought you guys may have been able to help me here?